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Time Travel


Our thanks this week to a one of our readers for sending us an article about the current Lee Valley Christmas catalogue. In the article, Robin Lee, current company president, was quoted as saying: “One of the most important powerful things you can do is create.”

Because it is primarily a tool company, the context had to do with making things with our hands, like kids have done with kits of every stripe that were unwrapped on Christmas morning: Lego kits, Meccano kits, Tinkertoys, model kits of this, that and a hundred other things. (Somewhere in my basement still parked in a cardboard box is Queen Elizabeth’s model Coronation carriage that my brother diligently glued together too many decades back.)

Creativity, whether we’re assembling a replica Batmobile, Mars rover or strategic business plan for 2017, allows us moments to feel in control, not only of our environment and the task at hand but of our being. We focus, we engage, and we experience that wonderful sense that anyone who has ever worked in a darkroom can attest to – we transform time. It flies or it becomes lost. We start our task with the sun in one spot and the next thing we know, it’s setting.

When that moment happens, we surface fully energized and immensely content, not necessarily with the end result because the end may not have yet materialized, but with the enjoyment of the effort. Being creative and being imaginative is self-affirming.  It is work for the pleasure of work – serious, practical and fantastically immersive.

May creativity figure somewhere in your holiday activities.



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