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We Gather Together

Ah, the holiday season. The time when family and friends who haven’t seen each other in too long (Thanksgiving at least) come together once more in celebration of all that is good in life, namely, having each other to gather together with. Let’s reflect on how that plays out …

Despite the weather, everyone manages to arrive safely and in time.

Someone arrives with a cold, and half the room will go home with it.

There usually is a new face or two – a new friend or partner or a new baby – smiling earnestly and thinking lots.

There might be a face missing, and despite the smiles, we’re remembering lots.

If we live where it’s cold and are lucky, Christmas is white. If we live where it’s cold and are unlucky, we’re running out to start our cars every 2 hours to keep the batteries from freezing.

There’s no hockey, which is just wrong. Or there’s no football, which is just as wrong. But there are afternoon year-end highlights to bridge the gap.

There’s usually a level of political discourse that makes one regret partaking of that last eggnog.

A few new words are learned, either because they are trending or because someone forgot there are kids around.

There’s usually one contribution to the meal that everyone stares at suspiciously.

Everyone wears paper hats even though we all say they are silly.

Everyone helps with the dishes.

That is, if they haven’t fallen asleep in a chair somewhere or managed to find a whole couch.

There’s usually an evening game of some kind that gets carried away.

There are always the holdouts who keep the rest of the house awake until the wee hours. They tend to be the ones who skipped the part about the dishes.

Everyone goes home with goodie bags from the dinner table because Christmas leftovers are the best leftovers.


To one and all, may your Christmas holiday be merry and bright. We will be back in the New Year on January 3.





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