Scale Your Business To Your Life


For a long time, I have been a proponent of the super small business. I’m a bit of a contrarian that way; I want to work with fewer people for longer.

I did some soul searching of what makes me happy, and I discovered that not being financially stressed and not working too hard were high on my list of criteria for a happy life, certainly far above any material things.

I just had lunch with Susan and her friend Nancy, who is lucky enough to live on a sailboat, content to float her days away. Nancy came to visit and avoid hurricane season. Concerning her thrifty lifestyle, Nancy summed it up succinctly: “Those who do not work, do not want. That’s how one can afford it.”

Ask yourself what you really do or want to be doing. What is your purpose or mandate? Then look at everything you are currently deploying resources to accomplish that – all of your marketing, all your client budget. Line by line, ask yourself if each action meets your mandate. Is it working, or are you kidding yourself? No matter what it is, no matter how long you have been doing it, if you determine that it doesn’t help you accomplish your goal, stop doing it immediately. You are wasting time, money and energy.

What you will find is there are a few things you do daily that matter, and a whole bunch of things you do that make you feel busy.

Find the few things that make a difference. Then ask yourself how you can do them better.

I remember doing this process myself years ago. I realized that writing the blog was actually a really good way to promote what I was thinking about. It kept me connected to you and others who enjoy thinking about the Experience Economy and doing more work that matters. Once I realized how important blogging was to my business, I started blogging daily and posted at the same time each day, early in the morning. The number of people reading the blog skyrocketed.

I didn’t invent another activity. I stopped doing 80% of what I had been up to, and focused 100% of my effort on the 20% of activities that had the most impact on my business every day.

Now you’re probably thinking that if that were true, that would mean that I’d make more money year after year and go on all kinds of vacations.

That’s right. Thanks for reading.



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