by Dennis

A Secret To Happiness …

… is knowing where/when/what ‘enough’ is.

Of course, there are many secrets to happiness, but I think this one is the most important.

When is enough enough?

As in “I have enough” or “I have had enough” and maybe even “I don’t really need that, it will be too much.”

‘More’ works for a while but not forever, and sooner or later you’ll figure out that it can’t always be better. Waning rewards, diminishing returns are the law, not exceptions.

Yet everywhere you look, there is one more person or one more group telling you that you need more, and that if you believe you have enough, you’re probably wrong.

I disagree.

Sometimes only better is better.

And sometimes getting better isn’t about getting more but mattering more.

Do you need more clients or do you need to matter more to the ones you have?

Do you need more anything, or do those things you have not matter enough?

Here’s an idea: Instead of ‘more’, how about ‘less’?

What could you actually give up that would make you happier?