by Dennis

Artists Are Optimists

When you put your soul into it, work becomes art. A janitor who starts at the worst place, on the most unpleasant task and cleans it back to life is an artist. The janitor is an artist in this case because of where his head and his intention are focused, which is on bringing his best to the very worst.

That is art. He isn’t fulfilling an unpleasant task, he is making a point, which is that his work matters and is worth his best efforts and intention.

The best art is art that makes a point.

Art comes in all forms and there is lots of it, and lots of it is very nice. But the only art that everyone knows about is the art that makes a point. The art that makes us notice.

There are people who paint, and there are people who make art.

There are people who show up to work and work hard, and there are those who show up to work and make art.

Which one are you? Ask this question: What’s my point? If you don’t have an answer …