Be Confident


“Be confident, not certain.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


I think this is the first blog ever in which I have used an Eleanor Roosevelt quote, and I think of my friend Michael Hunt in Philadelphia who is such a fan. This one is for you, my friend.

Be confident, not certain. Does anything sum up the mindset of a successful entrepreneur more than this does? Be confident, not certain.

You could parse this quote all day long.

Every day, you shoot for new outcomes. You send out a proposal, an email pitch, an invitation for coffee to see if there is an opportunity, and you have no idea how it’s going to go.

It can break two ways:

1) You realize that the odds are against you and go for volume, like send out one thousand invitations to meet for a coffee. You spray and pray, hoping for the best while putting as little effort into each individual interaction as possible. This is what people who hire a digital assistant to SPAM people’s inboxes do. This is what people are doing when they plan a seminar that is appealing (almost) to everybody, but in fact is so general it’s appealing to (essentially) nobody.

Or …

2) You invest more into each interaction than any other rational person would consider reasonable. You do your homework, and invest more care in creating an offer than you expect the recipient will spend in replying to it.

Personalize. Be personal. Create an imbalance of effort and let this new person see that you care. Show up. Don’t spam, ever.

Let me tell you something I am confident and certain of. People can distinguish a spammer from a person who honestly cares from a million miles away.

You will get a lot more people who want to have a coffee, read your pitch or hear more of what you have to say if you have signaled that you’re a caring, focused and generous human being.

The thing is, people can tell.


[It’s a long weekend up here in Canada, so we’ll see you all again next Wednesday. Be well, everyone.]


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