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Blazing Mel

“It’s talent. Either you got it, or you ain’t.” – Mel Brooks


If I were forced by freak circumstance into having to operate on your brain tomorrow morning, it wouldn’t be good. For you, I mean. I don’t have those skills. That I’m willing to give it a go is my talent. Skills and talents are different.

You can learn all kinds of new skills; you can learn how to do anything.

You can’t teach talent though.

I bet your mother isn’t the only person who would tell me you are talented. Listen to your mother, play to your strengths, and build your skills around them.

And sit up straight; slouching annoys your father.


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This made me sit up straight, you win!

Thanks for saying so. I actually re-read it and had a little laugh myself. Its all true though, you can’t teach talent and you can’t teach someone to care.

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