by Dennis

Blog 105: The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rules tells us that 80% of our revenue will stem from only 20% of our clients, and form only 20% of our activities. Consider how much better off every business owner would be if they spent 80% of their time on those 20% activities that do all the good.

In the blog I share a personal story form my own life, here are the three serious shifts.

  1. Know what business you are really in, and to figure it out answer these questions:
    1. This business I am in, when someone buys/uses/experiences my offering, what happens? What is the benefit for them?
    2. Whom specifically do I do my work for?
    3. What change do I help create?
  2. How do I do it?
    1. List all the things down that you do every day that you think helps your business.
    2. Be unreasonable. Go through the entire list, and ask yourself honestly if working on that actually helps you achieve your mandate?

Listen to today’s blog – When I went through this process my list of daily responsibilities was whittled down from “too many things” to three things which were then and remain today:

    1. Public speaking
    2. Talking on the telephone to past and future clients, journalists, and decision makers.
    3. Writing/blogging

Everything else that was on my list that kept me busy but didn’t actually accomplish anything I never, ever, did again. I’ve made a career (and then some) out of my 20% activities.

    1. Ask yourself how you can do your 20% activities better, and then do so right away.
      1. I worked on being a better speaker. I improved my call to action, visuals, and story telling.
      2. I invested in a headset, a stand up desk so that I could stay energized during the day and also improve my note taking and follow up.
      3. Writing and blogging – I went from writing when I could and posting haphazardly to writing a blog 5 days a week and posting daily at 5 AM and my readership increased dramatically.

A little adjustment here, another one there and pretty soon you’re what everyone is talking about.

What challenges in the marketplace are you having that I can address in future Serious Shift Blogcast episodes? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thank you,

Dennis Moseley-Williams

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