Does it feel like you’re on a Game Show?

My kids like watching a reality tv show about making desserts. Like all game shows this one follows a predictable pattern with all the bakers facing off on a series of competitions where they not only compete against each other, but they also compete against the clock.

And like all game shows, there can be only one winner.

This got me thinking … We are not living in a game show. We hyper celebrate the people who get it right while we ignore the people who admit mistakes and try again.

When we find ourselves in trouble, rarely is it because of one big event such as CV19. Instead, we are in trouble because of the compounding nature of decsions. Make enough good ones, you’re golden but if you make enough bad ones … trouble.

When given the choice – keep going or admit you’re wrong, each of us would pick “admit I’m wrong.”

The good news is that admitting you’re wrong isn’t that hard.

The bad news is that telling everyone is.

Getting it right takes courage.

You’re got this.

Thank you,

Dennis Moseley-Williams

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