Blogcast 11: Lost in the Hard Stuff

Don’t mistake the easy stuff from the hard stuff. Everyone thinks their job description is the hard stuff and that the other stuff is easy.

You’d be wrong on two counts. The hard stuff is actually the easy stuff and it has become commoditized — your clients can get it anywhere. But the so-called “easy stuff” — the human work you do — is really the unique and tough part of your job.

Check out the video below.

To read the original article, Hiding in the Hard Stuff, click here.

So, to summarize:

  • Your job description – what you do – has become commoditized and people can find it elsewhere.
  • The truly hard part of your job are the authentic, generous, unique intangibles that guide your clients, which they can only get from you.
  • In the Experience Economy, what matter is not what you do for your clients (the assigned work) but how you do it (the required work).


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