Blogcast 12: The EUREKA Moment

Believing that the Eureka Moment exists comes with its own excuse — we can say of ourselves that unless we have that one big moment, we’re off the hook. But the reality of genius is that it comes from little ideas that accrue. When you keep thinking about them, more and more ideas spin off until they lead to a breakthrough.

Check out the video below.

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So to summarize:

  • It’s not about big ideas; it’s about constant ideas that come from constantly thinking about how to do whatever it is you are doing in a way that hasn’t been done before.
  • We want to believe in eureka moments because then we have an excuse to not try. The truth is that geniuses don’t have eureka moments; they just keep coming up with ideas to try until one of them pays off.
  • Keep at it and when it gets hard, try twice as hard. Once the lizard figures out you are determined, it will leave you alone.


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Dennis Moseley-Williams

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I am so in awe of Dennis and Tom and their approach to life/business/the business of life. I had these random thoughts and after attending one of their workshops (thank you Bellevue Complex–you know who you are)–I realized these gentlemen were way ahead of me and had created something wonderful to energize our practices and turn practice into mastery. They turn friction into traction and traction into focused energy.

BTW, I think the Drogon in my head (GOT credit) has turned into the charming little reptile featured on the cover of “Serious Shift”–seriously buy it!! Read the book, look at that little lizard on the cover every day you start to “whinge” (Tom or Dennis can explain this expression), and go get some!

Oh friction into traction … that’s good, that’s a song lyric waiting to happen.
Here is our secret – we don’t even keep it a secret, so here is our worst kept secret … You are supposed to start by figuring out what you want your life to look like, the rules you are going to set for yourself to live by. When we think ‘more’ we often default to money (or at least a lot of us do) instead of really thinking about it. ‘More what?’ More freedom? More fun? More people needing you and appreciating you? More quiet? More books? Instead, we default to “more more” and decide to figure out what we want later, then before we know it we have built a monument that we have to service. People, processes, systems and bureaucracy. Stay as small as possible, you’ll be happier. One of the little thrills people get when they call our office is that I answer the telephone. Of course I do, there are only three of us here. There are only three of us because we have a small client base that allows us to do our work our way. And part of the way we do it, is to make sure that we’re never so big that I can’t answer the telephone.

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