Blogcast 21: Shift First, Ask Questions Later

The first rule of Shift Club is: Make the emotional investment. But there are 9 more rules that I’m going to share so either watch the video or read the article, all links and clicks below.

Check out the video below:

To read the original article, click on the title: Shift First, Ask Questions Later

So to summarize:

  • There are actually 10 points that I share, so make sure you either watch the video or read the blog.
  • Learn to be comfortable feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes you feel uncomfortable because what you are trying to do is important, impactful and, for now, unfamiliar.
  • People who fail the most, win. Keep innovating.

Did you like this video? What challenges in the marketplace are you having that I can address in future Serious Shift Blogcast episodes? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Dennis Moseley-Williams

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