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Blogcast 27: Getting Better Steps 4-6

I continue with the second in a series of 5 blogs on simple things you can do to get better now. Today, tips 4- to 6.

Check out the video below:

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So to summarize:

  • Rest. You need breaks to keep fresh — daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.
  • You need to focus on those activities that do the most good. Wake up and write out your whole day, what you are going to do, at what time and for how long. Focus.
  • Eliminate TV and similar distractions the leech your time away from your daily routine. This includes social media. They’re bad for you. We all like a little binge watching, but save it for evenings.


[This Monday is a holiday in Canada, so we’ll be back on Wednesday with Steps 7-9.]


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