Blogcast 43: Shift Disturbance 2

Today, I’d like to talk about failure, how it hurts and how it works towards creating something better.

Check out the podcast below:

To read the original article, click on the title: Shift Disturbing: A Practical Guide Part Deux.

So to summarize:

  • Get comfortable making mistakes. This doesn’t mean “learn to not care about mistakes.” It means “learn to forgive yourself.” Failure hurts. Those of us who are successful dust off, pick up and try again sooner than the rest.
  • Find the positives in the mess. Yes, it went off the tracks, but just before it did, it was working. It’s not what you wanted, but it’s not nothing either.
  • Think about how painful it would be if you found out that your team was sitting on great ideas that they are too afraid to share.


Did you like this podcast? What challenges in the marketplace are you having that I can address in future Serious Shift Blogcast episodes? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Dennis Moseley-Williams

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Go back to the videos! They simply make more of an impact.

Audio killed the video star. With apologies to The Buggles.
Some video is coming. I think somewhere between too much video and no video there is a happy place.
I have some fun video stuff that will be a little different too, so stay tuned.
Thanks for caring Kevin.

People who know you get more from the video due to the double exposure of voice and visual. I listen because I care about what you say, but in the video I am entertained as well as educated. I will continue to listen and/or watch your work. One day I hope to sit on the porch at the cabin with you and dirt smooch. Thank you

missed the (y) in dirty smooch.

I keep threatening to have an event up there. Candidly I am wrestling with it because I can’t decide if its a good idea or just an idea I really like. Ask Tom, I love plenty or horrible ideas!

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