Blogcast 58: Talk To Strangers

When in your life did you talk to a total stranger and have something good happen?

[And we apologize for not having this blog to you yesterday — tech fail.]

Check out the video below:

To read the original article, click on the title: Consciously Curious About Connecting.

So to summarize:

  1. No matter what business you think you’re in (investments, hardware, advertising, hospitality, industrial design), you’re really in the “making friends” business.
  2. If the people you know can’t help you because they don’t know, then you’re going to have to talk to some strangers and make some new friends.
  3. If the idea of starting conversations with total strangers makes you uncomfortable, then practice by complimenting strangers. Start with the next clerk you encounter: “Excuse me, those are great glasses by the way.” That’s all. Just start. A good word can go a long way.


Did you like this video? What challenges in the marketplace are you having that I can address in future Serious Shift Blogcast episodes? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thank you,

Dennis Moseley-Williams

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Comments (4)

Consistently for now 13 years the one detail that almost everyone wants to confirm is that Pete and Angus were in fact, strangers. “You had never seen them before?” “You just walked up?” And yes they were and yes I did and now we’re kin, as they say. Thanks for the note Jim. DMW

Hi Dennis,
great blog
Seen you speak in Denver….changed my life
Speaking to strangers is a great pastime…
Just reiterates the fact that we don’t always need different circumstances…
But we may just need a different mindset…and that what strangers do for me
Everyone has a story…
Thanks for your great works

Hello John – Denver has been kind to me for a lot of years, and now you’re part of that too. I recently spent a fun night at the Denver Milk Bar – loved roaming around and pointing out all the Experience Economy stuff (to myself …)
Just this morning, while coming to the airport my Uber driver said “Business is about making friends” and I smiled to myself.
Take care John – I will back out to Denver soon, stay tuned.

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