Blogcast 77: Small Isn’t a Better Version of Big

To borrow from biology, small business and big business have different taxonomies. Totally different. Watch on.

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So to summarize:

  1. If small (you) pretends that they are big, you will get crushed. Small can’t beat big by pretending to be big. Schwab is big. TD Ameritrade is big. Big National Firms are big.
  2. Big is cumbersome. Big is obligated to adopt unfriendly, unreasonable policies to protect itself from itself. Small is nimble, generous and human. Small understands you and your problems.
  3. Want to beat big? Ignore them. Do everything they can’t do. Farm out the boring or logistical work, focus your energy on creating something amazing that will excite your market. For big to pull this off, they’d need to form a committee. You just have to open your door, call a meeting and start.

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What a great thoought to start the day. Best advice I have heard in a long time. Seth Godin with feeling.

That’s quite a compliment. I am a big fan of his. Staying small requires a lot of courage, because you are willingly telling (a lot) of potential clients that you are not for them. Of course, the moment you do this you will find an entire world of people who want to be just for you. Thanks Don.

Yeah, agree with Don–this is an important message. Reminded me of a Seth Godin comment I heard in a podcast a couple of days ago, to strive for “the smallest possible viable market”. Thanks for keeping it real, Dennis!

That’s it. I practice what I preach here. There are hundreds of thousands of advisors in the USA alone. I have no idea how many there are globally, but I’m willing to bet that my hunch is right – too many. I have never considered it because I have no interest in playing the numbers, or creating something for all of them. Make something that a few people notice, they’ll share it with the other people who see the world the way they do.


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