Blogcast 82: The Guru on the Mountain

Today, I have a parable to tell. But a question first: Do you think you are a wise guru on the mountain? 

To read an blog I wrote related to this topic, click on the title: Two Common Misunderstandings About the Experience Economy.

Check out the video below:

So to summarize:

  1. The experience of trekking up the mountain to see the guru is more significant than whatever the guru tells you.
  2. If the guru made it easier for you, the experience wouldn’t be worth as much.
  3. Start to think about turning your services into journeys.

Did you like this video? What challenges in the marketplace are you having that I can address in future Serious Shift Blogcast episodes? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thank you,

Dennis Moseley-Williams

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Yes!! Love this, Dennis! I’m the only planner I know who doesn’t have a scheduling app on my website…cause it sends a message that the person seeking isn’t going to have to do much. But they are! Financial planning is a process, a transformation. There’s no such thing as a transformation without work.

As easy as it is, who wouldn’t choose the option where you can call in and deal with a person? I just made dinner reservations a few minutes ago, and I did so online and thought it was a wasted opportunity for the restaurant to create a little wonder, a little connection not to say anything about asking about special occasions etc. Don’t save people time, instead create time well spent.

Yup, yes and wow!!! Thank you Dennis. You make the journey better like a comfortable pair of walking shoes or maybe like a good pair of mountain climbing boots. And you were great today. Thanks again.

Too many people think that making something easier and more accessible makes it an experience, when in fact that makes it a commodity. DMW

I can ‘SEE’ some interesting imagery… lets talk. Come to my mountain, I removed the elevator.

I’ll be calling. DMW

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