Blogcast 83: Being Grateful

Be grateful for the gift of time. It is but a moment.

To read my written blog on this topic, click on the title: Be Grateful, and Happiness Will Take Care of Itself.

Check out the video below:

So to summarize:

  1. Most people are going about being happier the wrong way. Happiness starts by being grateful for what you already have.
  2. When we take the time to really think about what we are grateful for — family love and support, our grandparents, family values etc. — we didn’t do anything to earn those things. We were born, luckily, into them.
  3. We get another gift every day when we wake up. Time. A gift, from the universe, to do something worth talking about.

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Thank you,

Dennis Moseley-Williams

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Probably you’re most powerful message here today, Dennis.
Thank you, and big hugs to your Mom.

Thanks Troy. Helping your clients understand the difference between happiness and gratefulness, wealth and prosperity, wants and needs are all excellent investments of time. I’ll give my mom a hug tomorrow. DMW

Thank you Dennis for having the courage to share your grief. How wonderful for your mother to have you and your brothers there to take care of her as she did of you when you were so young.

I wish you comfort and strength in the times ahead.

Best regards,

Thank you Lurene – And YES, exactly. Clearly she did something right as all her sons love her and love and like each other.
And isn’t that ultimate measurement of how well you did as a parent? Do your kids like you and each other? Yes? Then that’s a win and quit being so hard on yourself.
I’ll go see my mom tomorrow and I’m eager for it.

Thanks for Sharing, great courage. Keep up your faith and love for your Mum. Blessing this holiday season.

Thanks Willie. I know I’ll be talking to you in early December so I’ll save my comments until then. Thank you, I’ll be back with her tomorrow. DMW

Dennis – Thank you. I cannot write the words – not sure exactly what to say. But I plan to recognize the gift of time more often. It’s truly the most amazing gift we ever get.

Time is an opportunity. My mom doesn’t have much left, and suddenly I see how much time that really is. Take care, and thank you. DMW

Wow! Thank you Dennis for this courageous and impactful message. Tears here just listening. Prayers for your mum’s health and for your family.

Thanks Dawn. Everyone is suffering, I try to keep that in mind and be kind. You never know when your act of simple kindness can change someone’s day. DMW

Aww, Dennis, please don’t learn to edit over Christmas break! Love you, your mom, your wonderful brothers. I was fortunate enough to have my mom for 52 years. The last year of her life, when we both knew she didn’t have much time left, we talked on the phone several times each day–because we could. I treasure those memories, all of the love I felt. Thank you for sharing your journey!

I won’t. Even if I should, I won’t. I’m not an editor, I’m a thrasher. I spend as much time with my mom as I can, just touching her. I’ll head up again tomorrow and spend the weekend. Next week I’m off to Vancouver which I have had many trips to with my mom, most memorable 1986 for Expo. DMW

Prayers with you and family Dennis. Two parents, four brothers, and you. That is seven and it is a perfect number. God did it all in six days and on the seventh day He rested. May you find some rest today in and with your family. Tomorrow you will be in my thoughts for those things I am truly grateful for on this Thanksgiving.

Thank you Larry. I am doing some heavy duty processing right now. A lot of thoughts, a little bit all over the map. I’m taking my time and as much as possible trying to experience it all. Thanks again – Dennis

Thank you, Dennis, for sharing your message and secret. I am grateful for your honesty, wisdom and willingness to help me be better at everything I do. I’m sticking with you.

Thank you. I feel even stronger.

Dear Dennis:
As I watched your video blog this morning and your emotions in dealing with your Mum’s situation, I thought of the words
of Washington Irving:

“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power.
They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues.
They are messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition
And of unspeakable love”.

I sincerely hope your Mum comes through with flying colors.
My thoughts are with you. And I am grateful to have you in my office and on my screen every
Tuesday and Thursday morning.
Best regards,

Thank you Frank, I have copied the words from Washington Irving and shared them with my brothers. My mother’s legacy is her boys. Five of us. We all love and like each other. Now here are some words for you, from Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip.

In the ulcerating silence perspective comes
The way it always does for it’s ransom
So randomly somebody calls
The phone rings and it brings Niagara Falls
At three o’clock in the morning
“You’d better be dying” and you were
So we talked about time and where it went
Unremarkable events
And how one day took two days and they got spent
How you’d continue, carefully, in degrees
Trying to do one true beautiful thing

Well done, Dennis. Thank you for sharing your story so honestly and openly, as tough as that was for you. It gave me the time to remember what the secret to happiness is – and I am truly grateful for that 🙂 Thank you. Best wishes to you, your mother and your whole family. I hope you all can spend more time with each other over this coming holiday – and beyond.

Thank you Camy – I am late with my response because I spent the last few days with my mom. My mother’s story has been generously written, and like all good stories the characters stay with you for a long time.

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