Blogcast 9: How It Happens

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Things start slowly.  At first, a few people care, but nobody else does. Then more people notice, but they doubt it will last. Then everyone accepts it, and what was weird becomes normal. Next thing, a few people begin to wonder what comes next. So be a pioneer and innovate.

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So to summarize:

  • “The pioneers get the winters; the settlers get the summers.” Meaning, the innovation and hard work is done at the start of an initiative; those down the road reap the rewards.
  • The Experience Economy works that way. Right now, the status quo focuses on products and services. whereas the pioneers are embracing experiences and client transformation.
  • Always think like a pioneer and act accordingly.
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Thank you,

Dennis Moseley-Williams

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Comments (2)

Hi Dennis,

I’m not sure if you see all these messages personally, but I recently signed up for your blog casts and I love them!
I saw you speak a couple of years ago at the Epiphany Conference in Niagara Falls and then again at the National Chamber of Commerce Benefit Conference in Quebec City.
I’m reading your Serious Shift book and I ordered 2 more for my other business partners to read.
Keep up the great work and fighting the good fight. There are more believers out there than you know…you just haven’t met them all yet! 😊

Collin thank you for your great message – I do indeed see them all and I agree with you, there are a lot of us out here thinking the right way – we are Legion. Dennis.

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