by Dennis

Blogcast 97: Are You TV Ready?

Now is the time to plan out your messaging during the times ahead so that when your clients look back on what you did for them, they will be grateful.

So to summarize:

  1. Start by thinking about what you want your clients to remember about you when this event is long over. Everything you do should be informed by this idea.
  2. Be in touch, empathize, remind, re-educate, RECLAIM, refocus your clients. Watch this helpful video that I put up just the other day: 
  3. You know how this is going to go. You know that one day soon – maybe not as soon as we want but likely not as long off as we fear – the tide will turn. The hype machine will flip from “freak out/you are losing everything” to “freak out/you are missing out on the biggest recovery story in the history of humankind!”

Of course we know this already. So act like it already.

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