by Dennis

Blogcast 98: Are You Leading Or Managing?

First, a reminder that only a few weeks ago we all had other things we wanted to have. We didn’t just want them, we told ourselves that having these things was necessary to make us happier.

Three weeks later, we’d be happy to have what we feel we just lost. Not only would we be happy to have it all back, we’d promise to never ask for another anything for as long as we live. There is a powerful and important lesson in this about needs and wants.

This is a really good exercise for your clients – have them consider what they could lose, and what would actually be devastating.

So to summarize:

  1. Lead your people out of this, don’t manage the problem.
  2. Leaders inspire people, they bring everyone together, to a better place.
  3. The best thing you can say about a leader: “I want to be like her.” The best thing you can say about a manager: “He stayed out of my way.”

Lead your people. Remind them what they have done. Re-educate them about diversification, balance, buying when others sell. Reclaim your ground, take a leadership position and tell your people what you know and then refocus them on the future.

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Dennis Moseley-Williams

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