by Dennis

Business as Art

If you will indulge me a little personal story. A week ago I went skiing with some friends and on our way home we stopped in at Le Chateau Montebello, a famous hotel that is near Ottawa.

I have been really lucky in my life, I have stayed at most and maybe all of the nicest hotels in North America, some of them several times, but Le Chateau Montebello is the only hotel that literally stopped me in my tracks in absolute wonder. Check out this photo of the lobby.

Wonder is powerful – it makes you stop, and take notice. Wonder transforms the ordinary to the extraordinary. Wonder makes anything stand out and wonder is so rare that it is refreshing. The care that someone takes to create this experience tells us more about the business and the people running it than anything else does.

A sense of wonder makes us feel good about ourselves. When I was standing there in that hotel I honestly felt blessed. I really did, I said to my friends “Can you believe this place, who are we anyway?” They all felt the same way. We were transformed by the experience.

Creating this experience requires courage – it’s so easy to do what everyone else does and leave wonder to the artists, or the film directors or the musicians or the hotel decorators but we shouldn’t feel that way.

When you think that way you sell yourself and your clients short.

Think again. You are a wonder.

Stop thinking of what you do for money as a job or career think of it as your craft – your life’s work, your art. Your business is your craft, and the experience you deliver is your art.