Compound Interests

“If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.” – Walt Disney


Your success will not be determined by what you start with, but rather how and for how long you compound it. Our entire universe began as smaller than an atom.

Good thinking compounds. Good planning compounds. The most obvious example is accumulating wealth; if you start early with even a small regular investment and leave it alone, then one day – not as soon as you might like but much sooner than you would believe – you’ll have more money than you need.

Of course, bad decisions compound too, and if you don’t watch out then before you know it, the whole thing can fall apart on you.

Right now you are where you are, with what you have. What you don’t know is how long you will have to compound – and I do hope that it’s a long time. But there are no guarantees for any of us.

So the smartest thing you can do is start right now. There isn’t a moment to lose. The sooner you start to compound, the sooner the magic will happen, and the sooner people will hear about your work, your idea, your commitment.

Start where you are, with what you have and do whatever you can do with it.

Do you have one single client? Fantastic. You might as well have 10, because pretty soon you will have 100.

Don’t think about reaching groups or bunches of clients. That’s what amateurs do.

Think about reaching one client, and then let it all compound. That’s what pros do.

Turn pro as soon as you can. Then let it all compound.

Walt Disney had a cool idea and a character. He had also been fired and been told he was a horrible illustrator.

You know what else compounds? Time with your kids and the people you love.

It’s Friday. This weekend, spend some time with the people who matter most.

Thanks for tuning in. It means a lot to me that you give me this gift of your attention.


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