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Cost Is A Story

It’s the story we tell ourselves about who and what we are. The terms of engagement, the price we have to pay, and what we have to do (or have had to do) to get what we want is something that we consider as an accomplishment.

“I’m a fashionable, beautiful person. People like me spend a little extra to have a nicer bag to carry our old tissues in.”

“I’m not just a skier, I’m a ski bum. People like me spend a little extra to buy skis that make me that much better.”

“I have a sizable investment portfolio, and I own a successful business. People like me hire a financial advisor and pay a little extra, because people like me have different opportunities to consider for our wealth.”

“I am a busy person, I work all the time, but I’m also an individual and I deserve some love. People like me spend a little extra on our coffee.”

The most successful businesses in the world do a better job than their competitors do at understanding the ‘why’ of the client. When you can address the ‘why’ of your client, everything gets easy.

What is the story someone would tell about why they hire you? Who do you help them become?


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