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I make amazing scrambled eggs. Gordon Ramsey taught me how to make them for free on YouTube. My scrambled eggs are so good I call them Les Oeufs d’Amour (The Eggs of Love, my mostly unilingual friends). Check it out right here.

Wondering what came first, the chicken or the egg? That’s easy, here.

Heard about yoga and want to get started? Here. Sorry, you’re already an expert? Here.

Mogul skier? Here you go, it’s a four part series.

Lousy communicator? Here you go, Ambassador.

Want to get fit? Didn’t think so.

How about gardening? Installing a toilet? Need to build a better team at work? Thank you, Robin.

What about money and investing? Well, I’m no expert, but Bill is a noted smarty-pants and the CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management. He has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, not factoring in the value of his time, and here you can learn all you need to know in less than an hour. Your next lesson is also in Google.

Guided Transformations …

Your advice and expertise is getting worth less and less. Believe me, I know. I’m an expert, and I am constantly considering how I can bring more value to my audience. I give away stuff I would have charged $100K for 15 years ago. I’m not upset, and I’m not blaming anyone. It’s the evolution of the modern economy; everything – including what I know – has become a commodity, and all commodities compete on price.

There is one question you have to ask yourself that is going to save you from a lot of pain and misery. One question that will lead you to understand what you need to become (oh oh) to continue to be relevant to your audience, and to win new fans and followers.

Who do you want your audience to become? That’s it. I’ll write it again for dramatic effect. Who do you want your clients to become?

This is the question that Tom and I discuss more than anything else as it relates to our strategy, plan and execution. Who do you, appreciated blog reader, want to be? What do you talk to yourself about when you are alone and honest, communing with your inner self? When you tell yourself the truth?

Nobody cares about your stuff. Your stuff (either tangible goods or intangible services) is not that interesting regardless of how important they might be, and your audience is going to pay as little as possible for them, until they can pay even less.

What you do isn’t the value, but why and how you do it. Why you do it is critically important, because it informs how you do it, which is what people are going to feel about you and your service.

When I saw this UBS ad in an airport, I thought, “OK, these guys get it.” The ad didn’t just speak to me; it punched me in the gut. UBS isn’t saying anything about their products. They are not saying, “Come in for a discussion you have been avoiding.” They are saying, “Go have an important discussion with yourself, and when you are needing to have a meaningful discussion about what is important to you and how we can help you get there, we’re here.” Bravo, UBS.

Stop selling stuff and start to stage experiences that lead to guided transformations.

Who does your audience want to be?

Tomorrow, I’m going to dig in a little more. In the meantime, reflect on this question.

Wondering why I’m so funny? Here you go.



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I love the calls to action in this blog. Thank you again, wonderfully done.

How nice of you to say. Thanks Joanne. Increasingly what consumers want (certainly what I want) is to be transformed stop telling your customers and your should or would be customers what you do, start telling them who you are and what you stand for.
Thanks for reading, and thanks for writing in.

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