Enough? Or Enough Of This?

What do you do when you have had enough and you want to quit? What do you do when you are discouraged and disappointed? When you feel like quitting because things aren’t going well? When you are confused, scared and overwhelmed?

You push. This is what entrepreneurs do. People who have jobs take the afternoon off and go to the cinemas.

How do you push when you don’t want to?

You start moving. Take a single step, do anything. Movement begets movement. You have to embrace the uncertainty and the discomfort. Lots of people avoid these two things, but without them, you will never get good at anything. You will never learn anything worthwhile. Embrace these things – uncertainty and discomfort – and grow.

Do it not for success or some end goal but for the sake of learning.

Do it because you are tired of being average and invisible.

Do it because you want to do work that resonates with your clients and compels them to share it.

Do it because you don’t want to let your life be ruled by fear.

Now remind yourself why you started this in the first place, which wasn’t to make a fortune. It was to help people, to offer them real insight that would change them, for the better, forever. You wanted to inspire them, to make their day a little better.

Now ask yourself: which is more important? The reason you started doing all of this, or your personal discomfort? Your personal discomfort doesn’t matter that much in this case, not when you measure it up against your inspiration.

Take the first step right now. Don’t even think about it. Push, without hesitation.

My hunch is you haven’t had enough, you have just had enough of this.

You have this. You have this in you.


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This one really spoke to me. The amount of times we feel uncomfortable in the beginning is astounding. But we do it anyway because we care. Probably my favorite blog of yours. Cheers

Well that is flattering on all kinds of levels, so thank you very much. Blogging is my very favourite part of my work. I love it to a fault. Knowing you’re getting something from it makes it easy to sit here moving ideas around. Thanks Adam.

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