Fear Of The Unknown

It’s the fear with no name, the fear you can’t quite identify or understand. “I dunno,” you think to yourself. “Something just doesn’t feel right.”

This fear is the Lizard, and that uncomfortable anxiety is what it feels like when she has been roused.

When you are wrestling with the slippery and determined Lizard, fighting for dominance, you might find that your best strategy is to get comfortable and live with her, up close. Accept that she is there, in the room, and understand her strategy. Her strategy is to get you to quit just by being present. Her bet is that the longer you feel uncomfortable, the more likely it becomes that you give up.

She is waiting for you to abandon your moment.


Keep wrestling the Lizard. Care enough about moving forward a step at a time. Measure your progress. Just keep going forward.

Ask around, and see if anyone else is feeling fearful. My bet is that most of them aren’t feeling any fear. And if they are, it isn’t any fear of what they’re doing or trying but more likely what they are not doing, but perceive to be happening to them.

I think being afraid of something you are doing is a good indicator that you are on to something good.

The Lizard doesn’t care about non-threats.


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