A Festivus For The Rest Of Us

I’m almost shocked that my spell checker doesn’t recognize Festivus … this is a Mac, right?

My daughter Ella is 10 years old and funny. Funny like me. She has a wicked sense of humor and she can keenly identify the absurd, and when she does Ella isn’t above pointing it out. I hope when she is older, she doesn’t get a Twitter account …

I was telling Ella about the Seinfeld episode where we learn that George’s father invented a holiday called Festivus, complete with the airing of grievances, a feast and then feats of strength.

“What does the airing of grievances mean?” she asked, and when I told her it was an opportunity to gather around the Festivus pole and tell others how they let you down over the last year, she lost it. As did I. The whole idea is just … well, absurd.

In order to air your grievances, you first have to list them, prioritize them, amplify them and relive them.

To prepare for the airing of grievances, you have to make yourself miserable all over again.

Here’s an idea:

Instead of grievances, maybe we could have an airing of privileges instead. Or an airing of good fortune. Or maybe an airing of the people’s names who trusted us or supported us or gave our idea a chance. I should air all the names of all the people who email in and tell me to keep pushing, keep writing, keep thinking and sharing.

Those are the lists that really matter.

Thanks for another great year. See you in the New Year. We’re back on January 8th.

Oh, enjoy this.



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