What Is The Function Of The Carbon Unit?

The picture above is my first ever Robot. I’ve named him VGER and also assigned him a gender. I’m so 20th century.

Every so often, Veeg (a nickname) leaves his docking station and hoovers around my house, avoiding the stairs, and navigating through the furniture. Adapting. Granted, VGER doesn’t have the capacity or opportunity to live up to his name. He isn’t going to get any smarter, but then again neither will the dog, whose job VGER has taken away.

What is most amazing about all these technological marvels isn’t as much the technology itself as our lack of astonishment. We live in science fiction and we are not even amazed.

My iPhone is Star Trek, and the Facetime feature is Dick Tracy. Computers drive cars, analyze data, understand what humans mean when they say, “Siri, where is the nearest Starbucks?” Pretty soon computers are going to land a drone carrying a 6-pack of Bud into your backyard. Computers evaluate tests, diagnose disease, predict the weather, and do everything you can imagine in the banking and investment world. Last week a video went viral of a computer 3D printing a house that cost about $4,000.

I know you’re thinking, “Yeah? So what’s your point?” That is my point.

You once went crazy for Pong, and now laser eye surgery isn’t amazing enough.

This is how your customers feel about everything too. Things are amazing, and they shrug it off. The stock market has been on a rampage since 2008, they get exceptional attention and advice for 1%, and they have a $1200 cappuccino maker on their counter that says ‘Buongiourno’ when they turn it on, and none of that is remotely incredible to them.

If you want your customers, your guests or your audience to be amazed again, you have to create value for them differently, with more authenticity and generosity and insight than you have had to do before. Your job is no longer about doing the job you were hired to do, financial advisor/teacher/consultant/hedge trimmer. Your job is to find new ways to connect with your customer, to help them in ways that go beyond what has always been your traditional responsibility.

That is the function of the carbon unit. To be more.


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