Give The People What They Want

… Or even better, guide them and teach them about what they need.

Sure, you could always give them what they want, gain their trust and then teach them later. Or you could opt instead to double down, take your time and invest in a process that helps people see what they truly need.

It’s not as easy but it’s more honest, and it will be work that your customers think is worth sharing with people they know.

Trust me, it’s a slow grind, and it takes a lot of patience. I teach people about what they need. It would be a lot easier to sell them a bunch of nonsense that they want, that will make them feel better because they believe it will work.

Giving people what they want is a business model that works, but it’s not always a business model to be proud of.


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I have been preaching this for the past few months to prospects. Too many people have become Financial Agreers just to get the business rather then giving actual advice to our clients. Some people don’t like to hear it, some are very appreciative. Slowly building the clan of appreciative people. I love this blog

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