Hocus Focus

I’m working on a lot of new and important (and necessary) projects right now, but to be honest I haven’t really been working on them as much as I have been posing with them, circling them, considering them.

But actually doing them? Not so much.

Sometimes my problems look a lot like your problems. Sometimes I have a hard time focusing.

Sometimes I doubt my own reasoning. Sometimes I feel and am affected by my own doubt. The Lizard, my old monster, corners me, presents me with yet another angle to consider which slows me down and helps me justify my sporadic progress.

Of course, like anyone else, I get excited to think and talk about this new serious shift I’m working on. I love to talk about it. I love to envision it.

Starting and finishing and imagining being good at it are the easy parts.

The hard part is in the middle part where I acknowledge that I will now do it (these new still-scary things) for years and years to come; that is the part that is freaking me out.

The magic of focusing isn’t that you get things done; it’s that when we focus we acknowledge that we have committed to the hard part.

The hard part, aka the Lizard, aka the great unknown, is just stuff that needs to be done.

That’s all.


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