I posted a blog on Monday about how it is our screw-ups and not our successes that help us the most because when we lose, we learn. Sometimes painfully.

Then yesterday I learned that I had made a mistake, and without boring you with the details, my mistake caused my potential client to not see me as the solution, when in fact I am exactly what they need.

It was a match made in heaven, and as they say it was “mine to screw up.” And I did.

I made a mistake. I didn’t frame my argument right and then last night I had a long stroll and an uncomfortable talk with myself while walking the dog. Like I wrote in my blog, I have learned, adjusted and grown, and now I am moving forward.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can overcome your own fear of making mistakes.

Accept that failure is part of the process. Full stop.

Don’t waste time sulking. Failing isn’t easy, especially when it costs you a lot of time or opportunity. Wasting time feeling ashamed is pointless. You are literally punishing yourself and nothing good will come of it. You messed up, now move on.

Get up. When you fail (mine is still fresh), get up and get back to work.

Find the silver lining. I know that’s easier said than done but what other choice have you got? I choose to accept my mistake, and now I’m doing what I can with it. I’m taking ownership of it and sharing it with you. It will be a story I tell for a long time. It hurts a little today but over the next ten years, it will pay dividends. In fact, I am certain that at some point in the future, someone will tell me that my story about how I goofed up with my potential client really helped them see the light.

The next time I am in the same situation, I’ll manage everything differently.

Until then I’m going to keep on keeping on.

To everyone south of the 49th, a blessed Thanksgiving.


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