Kick off Thanksgiving Day Campaign Part One

Every year at this time I get my clients excited about the possibilities of the season. We all know that at this time of year friends and family members get together, visit, catch up, and share news.

Rather than write a great big long missive about this campaign and how it works, I am going to break it up into 3 parts.

This first post is all about reaching out and contacting, and profiling your clients. In the follow up posts, I’ll tell you how to further leverage this information. We have even provided a useful link to a site that can help you get this started right away.


Begin by mailing all of your clients a Thanksgiving Day card. It’s a nice gesture, and while everyone sends out Holiday Cards, or Christmas Cards very few people send out Thanksgiving Day Cards.

Send everyone a card. We rely on this simple service that allows you to choose your card, put in a personal message, and then it handles the mailing for you.


Your top clients should receive a card, and a center piece for their table. It’s a great idea, one that I know works. Its not hard to imagine your best clients having a dinner party and having a guest comment on their table decoration. They may not say “my advisor sent it”, but that isn’t really important. What is important is that it is a good idea that stands out and every time someone mentions it they will think of you. If your name comes up, even better.


There are a few reasons that you are making this call.

  1. To book a financial appointment to discuss their investments leading up to, or just after the Holiday season. Get a date solidified.
  2. To profile your clients and insulate them from competitors.
  3. Uncovering hidden opportunities – as you will see in a moment, we want to capture as much CLAN information as possible, and see what sort of new opportunities we can stir up. This will be taken up in follow up blogs.

Call the clients that make the most sense to you and your business. Think ahead of time about what revenue they generate, and how ideally they match your ideal client profile. Everyone will get a card, but perhaps not every client merits a personal call?


Before you call each client, consider … Do they consider you a friend? Do they value your advice? Are you their primary financial advisor?  Do they have additional assets held at other institutions? Have they ever provided you with a referral?

Don’t mention the card that is in the mail, and in specific cases do not mention the center piece either. Let that be a surprise. There are so few anymore …

Simply call and ask this question and see where it leads: “What are your plans for Thanksgiving?” Remember your CLAN information that you want to gather and be ready with some paper to write on. Specifically you want to learn about:

Career news.

Life goals.

Activities & Interests.

Next of Kin.

When you ask “What are your plans for Thanksgiving?” you may find out about relatives in the area – specifically whose table your client is sitting around, and who else will be there. You might hear about siblings in the city that you have not been introduced too. “I didn’t know your brother lived in the city … are you close? What does your brother do?”

Remember that networking involves familiarity and take the long view. All you are trying to do on these calls is gather information.

Perhaps your clients are going to tell you that they are going on a holiday for Thanksgiving, a trip, or something related to their personal interests and hobbies. The value that you get from this exercise is completely related to what you do with the information.

Capture it all in your client profiles and then see our next blog on how you can leverage it.


This is how you can get these cards set up, and sent out today:

We have tried to make these instructions as thorough as possible, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask [email protected].

Go to and click Join to sign up for a retail account. This will give you access to the standard system features such as a Contact Manager, PicturePlus 2.0 (Where you can create custom cards) and the ability to send Campaigns.

With you add Points to purchase cards and Expense to cover postage. One Point gets you a post card, 2 Points gets you a 2-panel card. Add more Points at a time to get them cheaper.

Share our custom campaigns

Once in your account, move your cursor over Account, and write down your Used ID.

Log out of your account

Login using “dmwfriends” and password “dmwfriends”

Put your cursor over Cards, and click on Campaigns

You can see each campaign by clicking Edit on the right of each one

If you like it Share and enter your user ID into any of the ones you want

Log out of my public account and log into yours again, go to Campaigns, Edit each with your business card and change as you desire.

Once again, if you need any help, shoot [email protected] an email.

Watch for Part 2 coming soon!

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