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Knock It Off With Them Negative Waves, Moriarty

Have you ever been somewhere, a meeting or conference, a club or on vacation or a concert or worked somewhere where the energy was so positive that you wanted to stay there and not leave?

I’m sure you know what I mean. A time and place where there was an absolute abundance of goodness, flowing from and into everyone. If you think about it, you probably felt surrounded by possibility and people who believe what you believe, who also believed in you.

This environment made you want to open up and share more or eat more or talk more or stay longer and dance more or sit longer and listen more. You felt amazing.

Energy changes everything. It’s the place you want to work, the person you want to know, and the restaurant you want to come back to. I remember the first time I walked into the offices of Speakers’ Spotlight, and I thought, “Oh man, I want these guys on my side.” I remember the first time I walked into a Starbucks, and I remember the first time I walked into the dining room of my kid’s camp.

If the energy, the atmosphere, the positive waves are so important, then why does everyone roll their eyes when I talk about it?

Who’s in charge of the waves at your place? Could they be more positive, or even way more positive, Moriarty?

Changing the energy, from physical layout to organization to what leaders say and do … it matters. Sometimes, it’s all that matters.

And now two and a half minutes of solid gold cinema.


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