Breaking Bread

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him … the people who give you their food give you their heart.” – Cesar Chavez


I have an idea to share with you on what I hope is a lovely Friday, wherever you are.

Sit down and think about some of the clients with whom you have fantastic a relationship – clients who make you feel grateful and blessed, who love your effort, and who appreciate and understand what you are trying to do for them.

Invite three of these couples to your house for dinner party and cab them in. Hire a chef to come in, prepare and serve an incredible dinner and show you some tricks – I’m sure he’d even let the really keen kids help out. Let him pick the wine pairings.

The best parties in the world are kitchen parties, so throw one. If you have to scale it down or rent a space, that’s an option, but I’m telling you, having your clients into your home and adding a little experience economy by including a cooking lesson from a pro while everyone gets elegantly bombed is about the best thing you will do this year for your clients and your business.

Connect with your clients. Connect your clients with your other clients. Connect your clients with ideas. Host fun events that are meaningful and personal, ones that are also memorable and – whenever possible – transformational. This idea checks all the boxes.

Let me guess. Your Lizard is already freaking out because It knows that this idea makes sense, is cheap and it’s easy. The Lizard is afraid that if doesn’t stay vigilant, you’re actually going to do this and amazing stuff will happen.

The Lizard (for reasons I have blogged about before and will skip today) doesn’t like it when you do meaningful, vulnerable stuff. The Lizard prefers to be invisible. Everything is dangerous!

So the Lizard sabotages you by telling you this event can’t or shouldn’t be done for the usual list of reasons.

The Lizard always says that, which is why he is a miserable pain in the ass.

What do you say? That’s the question.

Close your eyes and picture a lovely evening in your home hosting a Chef’s Table with a pro. Can you see everyone laughing? Can you hear it? Imagine the whole thing, the music, the food, all of it.

Now go do it.


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