Make Better Burgers

I love a good burger, and they are harder to find than you’d think. There are a lot of average, don’t-call-me-I’ll-call-you burgers out there. I would know; I ate half of one three nights ago.

Here is how you should run a burger joint.

1. Make better burgers
2. Keep it clean
3. Hire great staff
4. Stage a memorable experience

As I have suffered a million average burgers, let me tell you what usually happens.

The burger joint opens and strives to be average. They cut corners on ingredients, they take few risks, and they minimize their imagination. They don’t try to be too much. They strive to get the unit cost per burger down as low as possible, and they’ll cut quality when they have to and they bet on the low price keeping you happy, or at least quiet.

Here is the thing – it’s not just burger joints that make this mistake. It’s pretty much every business you can think about.

When in doubt, make better burgers.

Hey, do me a favor, can you send me some suggestions for burgers I really shouldn’t miss in my travels?

Much appreciated.


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Johnny’s Luncheonette in Amherst or Hadley, MA

Dave you look fantastic … Clearly you recommend the burgers but don’t have them too often. DMW

Geist in East Nashville, TN. Sit at the bar. Great spot!

Thank you. I get to Nashville pretty frequently. I’ll make it to Geist. DMW

Living Foods Market & Café – Poipu Kauai. The burgers are fantastic and the location isn’t too bad either!!

I am literally sending out an email to see if I can make this happen …

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