The Merry-Go-Round


Powerful stuff for a fall Friday. Let’s unpack this just a little bit.

Sadly, the typical marketing approach for a small business is exactly what Kotler mentions as the antithesis. At least in my experience, anyway. It all starts with the need to come up with some clever way of describing what we think we do with the mindset of making it sound attractive enough for someone to want or buy.

A much more genuine and authentic approach is developing a marketing message that accurately conveys your brand. The best place to start is in understanding and being able to actually articulate what your brand is and that it is something your audience actually finds value in.

Marketing is all about communicating the message of your brand. Never forget that a brand is really a promise kept, and therein lies its greatest value. Make sure the promise you keep is real, true, can be delivered and is something your client actually finds value in. Then market the ______ out of it.



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