More or Less

“We are buried beneath the weight of information, which is being confused with knowledge; quantity is being confused with abundance and wealth with happiness.” – Tom Waits


More giving, less taking.

More leading, less managing.

More shepherding, less following.

More inspiration, less motivation.

More sharing, less keeping.

More them, less us.

More empathy, less judgment.

More wondering, less certainty.

More trying, less crying.

More flexibility, less ideology.

More connecting, less dividing.

More writing, less watching.

More empathy, less intolerance.

More optimism, less fantasy.

More knowledge, less noise.

More compassion, less condemning.

More forest, less city.

More love, less money.

More imagination, less reality.

More kids, less adults.

More do-overs, less endings.

More giving, less hoarding.

More risk, less predictability.

More singing, less stressing.

More experience, less service.

More discomfort, less status quo.

More surprises, less alarms.

More flow, less inflexibility.

More principle, less policy.

More giving, less expecting.

More open, less closed.

More ideas, less rules.

More measuring, less assuming.

More balance, less turmoil.

More abundance, less consumption.

More gratitude, less envy.

More experiences, less stuff.

More capacity, less obligation.

More bass, less treble.

Anything to add to this?

More you, less me.

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More thriving, less surviving!

Good one, and indeed!

More we, less me.

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