No Time To Waste


Okay, sorry to spring your immortality on you first thing in the morning, and if you want to finish your coffee, that’s completely understandable. I promise I’m going to be kind. I’m not the kind of person who wants to wreck your Monday, my friend.

Somewhere between being born and dying – if you’re smart and disciplined enough – the entire focus of your life will shift from ambition to defining and then finding meaning. When making money is no longer the primary motivator that gets you out of bed and keeps you committed to something, life gets really interesting.

There was a time when I desired stuff. Now I desire time well spent and memories. The 28-year-old me would have a Porsche. The 45-year-old me wants time on my porch. Same guy, different level of awareness about what actually makes me happy, and I’m betting that you’re thinking about it too.

So here is my suggestion for you as we head into a gorgeous autumn. When you harvest, only replant those things you truly need, that bring you joy.

Fewer distractions all around, be judicious about who you spend your time with. Cultivate deeper friendships with fewer people and make time for only the good people in your life. Master a few hobbies completely and be passionate about them, but don’t distract yourself by dabbling. Time is too precious for half measures.

Let’s end this here with an easy assignment.

Right this instant, go find a place to sit. Set your iPhone timer for 3 minutes. Close your eyes and consider “What does my vision of a perfect life look like?” Meditate on that question and explore it.

Tomorrow, I’ll pick up the trail here.



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