Nobody Wants More Average

The world doesn’t want more average stuff. There is plenty of it and it’s available at a competitive price.

We’re fortunate at least that average doesn’t mean awful. In fact, most average stuff, if required for average purposes, will hold up adequately and you won’t have to pay too much for it.

Average works.

It’s just not wanted.

We don’t go looking for average; we settle for it.

What we go looking for is amazing.

We all get excited when we see it; we will pay a premium for it and we want to share it with the people in our life. These truths are universal.

The opportunity for every business is to shift away from selling average stuff to average people, and start doing our work for people who want, and who are actively searching for something amazing, something different.

Businesses that offer average are always struggling. They struggle to be relevant, to find business, to differentiate themselves, to keep customers, and this constant struggle exhausts all resources.

Businesses that offer amazing never have these problems. Word spreads like wild fire and they never have to have sales to generate sales.

The whole innovative process starts with kicking average to the curb.

The picture is the Tooth & Nail Brewery that is just outside my neighborhood. They make money by staging an incredible craft brewery experience. They chose not to compete with average, and went for niche, knowing that they’d find plenty of customers who are willing to pay a little more for a little more. Come and visit me in Ottawa and I’ll take you on an Experience Economy bike tour of my city. Tooth & Nail is one of the stops.


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