Overthinking It

Over my life, my first hunch has been right more often than not. The things I regret I either talked myself into doing or out of doing. In other words, the major regrets I have in my life are those few times I second-guessed my gut instinct.

My hunch is that you’d tell me the same thing about yourself.

When it comes to the stuff you know, that you’re good at, trust your gut and make the call.

When you have to do something that isn’t something you are familiar with, or particularly good at, find help as quickly as possible.

When things get really complicated, and you suspect you’re over thinking it and confusing yourself, take a deep breath and go back to your very first instinct, and do that.

I trust my gut with ideas I think are great

I trust the professionals when I want to make it happen.


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Always trust your gut!

Hi Renuka, thanks for reading and posting. The dumbest things I ever did, or didn’t do were things I had to talk myself into, or out of doing. The only time I question my gut is when it tells me to be afraid – then I might ask why, and I might explore that a little.
Keep it weird, DMW.

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