Picking The Right Customers

The secret that successful business owners figure out is that we all get to pick our clients; it doesn’t actually work the other way around. We choose them with our pricing, our content, our promotion and services.

When choosing customers, consider this:

How much does this sort of customer need you?

How difficult are they to find?

How valuable is a customer like this one to your business?

How demanding?

It’s not a matter of who can benefit from what you sell because that is likely everyone.

The question is whom do you want to have?

I know, it seems so obvious doesn’t it? Each group of customers has a particular worldview, a set of problems, and a small possible set of solutions available. Each group has a price they are willing to pay, a story they are willing to hear, and a period of time they are willing to invest.

But still …

But still, too often we pick the product or service first, deciding that it’s perfect and then rushing to market, sure that the audience will sort itself out. Too often we end up with nothing.

The financial advisor ought to pick which sort of investor before he builds a website, rents an office and announces his business to the world.

The hotel investor ought to pick whether he is hoping for high rollers who care about food, care and comfort, or business travellers sensitive to price before he buys the hotel or orders uniforms.

The registered massage therapist should decide ahead of time whether she wants to massage people who are sore or massage people who need treatment. There is a difference.

I could do this all day. In every case, first figure out who your business is for. Then go create something just for them, and the more specific the better.

If you are stuck because you think what you do really does benefit everyone, then you’re more stuck than you realize.


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