Episode 116: The Short list

Every industry has a short list.

There is a short list of directors that Steve Spielberg has on speed dial. There is a short list of session musicians that Mick Jagger would want to work with.

How do we get on the short list?

Being on the list is important, your fees go up, you spend less time attracting business and more time weighing opportunities. Its easy to tell yourself that its all based on merit – the funniest commedians get on The Tonight Show, the most impactful and insightful speakers get invited to present.

This isn’t true.

Sure, you need some talent and even some luck can really help but what you really need is persistence. There are a lot of people with plenty of talent, and lots to say who aren’t anywhere near the short list.

The secret to getting on the shortlist is doing your best work fearlessly for a long time before you get on the list, and especially when you’re not on the list. Put the work in, it’s worth it.

Have a great day.

Thank you,

Dennis Moseley-Williams