by Dennis

Episode 64: Let Go of Perfectionism

To summarize:

  1. Very few people’s employment requires them to be exact or perfect. There are some notable exceptions (brain surgeon, astronaut, professional athlete), but for the rest of us, we are employed to get things done or make things better.
  2. If your job is to make things better, then don’t get faked out by trying to make things perfect. That will just allow you to hide and delay finishing. Instead of making something new, you held back trying to make something perfect.
  3. I’m not sure if you will find this comforting or not, but when you first started you probably felt like you were pretty good at your job. Now, many years later, you realize that you weren’t; you were just trying really hard. You were far from great, and certainly not anywhere near perfect.

Yet here you are. Isn’t that perfect?