More Profound, Less Popular

If all you do is read the popular books or magazines, or listen to the top forty most popular songs, or if all you eat is the most popular item on the menu, then you’re missing out.

Popular has its place, but popular isn’t a synonym for important or profound or useful.

When you want to make something popular, you don’t add to it – you take away from it, if not ‘dumbing it down’ then certainly ‘normalizing’ your offering in exchange for attention. You want to be as appealing as possible to as many people as possible.

Instead of worrying about being popular, why not try worrying about being profound?

Don’t take things out of your work; put more in. More meaning. More specifics. More humanity. More art. Don’t worry about being popular and attracting everyone. Worry instead about attracting people who care, who are more selective about whom they give their attention to and what they spend their money on. These are the people who are far more likely to share what they know about you with other people who care.

Popularity doesn’t mean best. It means popular.

Popular is easy and accessible.

Profound means you are changed.

Profound means you had to work for it.


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