Redefine Your Value

Why does anyone pay a real estate agent anymore? You are paying them a lot of money to open the door of your house and show somebody your kitchen. 30 years ago real estate agents brought a lot of value, they had all the information but not anymore. When any couple or person shows up to look at a house they have already determined what the ‘comparables’ are, they already know everything that is for sale near or near enough.

What about a car salesman? Do they have any tools or insight you don’t have?

What about a stock broker? Is there not enough information out there for you to make some reasonable decisions? Couldn’t you just buy a bunch of ETFs?

What about a Doctor? I had some medical issues this year, it was a little freaky but what was even more crazy was that I was able to diagnose myself in about a half an hour sitting in my chair at home. There is a lot of amazing information out there.

What about a teacher (or school in general)? Isn’t there enough content and material and you tube videos to get a person what they needed for a high school diploma? Do you have to go sit in a classroom for 75 minutes and talk about geography? Or can you just turn on Google earth? Go ahead, Google “esker”, you’ll figure it out soon enough.

There are all kinds of tools, there is all kinds of information and none of them are worth what they were worth before.

This doesn’t mean that the jig is up for salespeople or teachers. It does mean that we all need to find ways to focus our energies on the hard stuff that our audience really needs help with. I don’t know what that is, but you could always ask them.

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