“The customer isn’t always right … for you.” – Tom Frisby


Attracting new clients is really only hard if you do it wrong.

If you do it wrong, you chase and convince people to do business with you. If you do it wrong, you talk about features and benefits and ease of use. And if you do this, you compete on price because you are selling stuff – tangible and intangible – and those things sell on price.

You are not a cost. You are an investment.

Lousy clients don’t get that.

Unfortunately, the easiest clients to get are the lousy ones that you’ll wish you never bothered to find. Lousy clients don’t care about anything but price and function. Does it work? For how much?

When you attract clients the right way …

  • Strangers call you and ask to meet you.
  • You get to set the rules.
  • The story people hear and share isn’t about what you do but how you do it.
  • People will wait in line.
  • The great ones love your effort, your sincerity and your desire to create change, and they share it with their world.

Lousy clients think it’s what you do that matters.

Great clients know it’s how you do it.

The problem isn’t them; it’s you.

You keep insisting you’re for everyone and you aren’t.

You are only for some people, but you’re too afraid to tell the lousy clients and potential clients because you have found a sense of security in the herd.

Not me.

I’m not for everyone, and I have no desire to meet them.

Only share my blog with people who agree with us (you and me), okay?

We can only fit so many people in this digital kitchen party.


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