Rule No. 16

This is a life hack that all entrepreneurs need to adopt immediately. I call it Rule No. 16, Live Backwards.

When most people have an opportunity to do something amazing, they will procrastinate first, they will talk about their idea or opportunity to friends, they will have coffee to kick around ideas and then, after they start, they will save their most focused effort until the end.

In other words, they work harder and harder as they get closer to the end. Rule No. 16 is to flip it around: work hard first, and then slowly later.

The moment you are assigned the job, set unreasonable deadlines. Attack the work with the same intensity and focus you would if you were working towards a hard deadline. In the very early stages of the project, go freaking crazy. If you have three weeks, aim to get the bulk of the project sketched out in 3 days. Push push push.

When you start a project like that, then you give yourself the time you will need for the detail work that will follow, work that requires you to move more slowly.

Not only will you make better, more interesting work, you will enjoy it more and finish ahead of deadlines.

Now take the same thinking and apply it to your vacations. Schedule your holidays first, then plan your work around your fun.

Why can’t you? How is your current plan working out for you?

Rule No. 16 has been paying a dividend to me for most of my life. Now, just to prove my point, I am going to book a week at Tremblant next March and a week at my cabin next May on my schedule because I can, and should.


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