Rust Never Sleeps

“Boots or hearts, oh when they start, they really fall apart.” – Gord Downie


There are two ways something can break – in a big colossal failure, or slowly over time.

When things break spectacularly, or fall apart all at once, it’s not as big a problem as you would think. It’s all busted, you can see it, and you fix it or replace it and then you move on.

The bigger problem is rust.

Corrosion causes things to slowly fade, almost imperceptibly at first, until they gradually become more of a hassle because you have to start to consider when it’s time to fix it or replace it. Whatever it is might still be working, just not as well as it did, or could.

We have all experienced both.

We have all kept something alive longer than we needed to.

The same thing is true for relationships, customer service and experience and all the so-called soft stuff that makes all the difference.

These things fade; they rarely give you the courtesy of blowing up.


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