by Dennis

Say ‘No’ More Often

No one can bring their best to every opportunity, every project, or every individual customer. It’s impossible. Go ahead and try. It won’t take you long to realize you can’t. You’ll burn out and fall short.

The art of entrepreneurship, I’m certain, is to be thorough about where you’re prepared to over-deliver to leave your customer changed, engaged, and delighted. Of course, it’s too tempting to think you can do it for everyone, all the time.

When you say ‘yes’ too often, you become another mediocre provider, easily overlooked.

That means more “no.” More, “No, I’m sorry I can’t take that on, because to do so means not dramatically over-delivering on what I’m doing now.”

And it means more “yes.” More, “Yes, I’m able to tackle my fear and my competing priorities and more than deliver on my promises and my willingness to keep them.”

Be all things to some people, not some things to all people.